Christmas Trees

All our Christmas trees are freshly cut and we offer a wide range of different types and sizes. So come along and choose your own tree from 3ft right up to 20ft when you visit us. Or simply order one over the phone and we'll deliver it ourselves to your home or workplace.

BCTGA Award Winner 2016 & 2015


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Christmas Tree Delivery

Our Family Run Farm is now closed but we open again at the end of November 2017
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Award Winning Christmas Trees

Relax, we can deliver your tree to your home or your workplace

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Cut Tree Pricing 2016 (2017 prices to be confirmed)

Height (Feet) Norway   Spruce Blue & Serbian Nordman & Fraser Fir
3 £19 £22 £26
4 £23 £27 £34
5 £27 £32 £43
6 £30 £37 £48
7 £34 £41 £53
8 £42 £46 £65
9 £49 £52 £75
10 £65 £66 £95
11 £80 -n/a- £125
12-13 £100 -n/a- £150
14-15 £145 -n/a- £180
16-17 £185 -n/a- £220
18-19 £220 -n/a- £270
20 £240 -n/a- £340

Pot Grown Christmas Trees & Replantable Christmas Trees

We offer a selection of pot grown Christmas trees with roots, these trees are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Being planted in their own pot it allows you to water them often, and having their roots means that they are much more likely to stay fresh and keep their needles throughout the Christmas period.

Pot grown Christmas trees are limited to only smaller sizes, this is because the pot restricts the size of the rootball and therefore growth beyond a certain height. Their smaller sizes allow them to be displaying on tables, for gifts or around small children.
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Potted trees this year range from 3-5.5ft and costs between £35-50 depending on the variety of tree.

Christmas tree associationWe're proud members

We are proud to be members of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association (BCTGA).

The BCTGA was established in 1979 to provide a quality standard for Christmas tree growers across the UK. As members there is a Code of Practice that we must adhere to that ensures our trees are grown in an environmental and sustainable manner whilst at the same time cultivating well shaped, sturdy, healthy trees.

The BCTGA was set up as a result of the Christmas tree trade suffering at the hands of roadside "cowboys" who were giving the public a raw deal. The Associations aim is to produce a "kite mark" to label members trees with a stamp of quality so when you buy your tree from us you can do with confidence.

The BCTGA hold their annual award ceremony to pick the best-of-the-best when it comes to trees and wreaths. The winner gets the chance to have their tree and wreath displayed at No.10 Downing Street each year. We are proud to say we have won several awards at these prestigious ceremonies (the Christmas tree equivalent to the BAFTAS!). Our Wreath adorned No. 10 in 2011 and 2013 and our trees won an award in 2015 and again this year we won 'Best Other Spruce 2016'.

So make sure your tree is from a British Christmas Tree Grower. Visit their website for more information:

Nordman FirNordman Fir

Nordman Fir are without doubt the most popular tree we sell, last year 65% of people chose the Nordman. They are generally bushy trees which have thick needles and have very good needle holding qualities. They are however the most expensive of all the trees due to the time they take to grow and extra work that is involved with growing a quality tree.

Frazer FirFrazer Fir

The Frazer Fir is equally as good at holding its needles as the Nordman. These trees are quite narrow which can be an advantage.

• Again a good needle holding tree
• Narrow and compact
• Strong branches for hanging heavy decorations

Norway SpruceNorway Spruce

Norway Spruce is the traditional Christmas Tree which many people associate with Christmas. If kept watered this tree will hold its needles equally as well as the Nordman even.

• Traditional Christmas Tree
• If looked after and bought fresh will hold onto its needles

Blue SpruceBlue Spruce

Blue Spruce produces an attractive citrus aroma which fills your room. This tree is good at holding its needles. Depending on the individual tree some have more of a blue tinge than others.

• Bluey/grey colour
• Citrus scent

Blue SpruceLodgepole

They are excellent at holding their long needles. They give an attractive scent and many plastic trees are based on the look of Lodgepole Christmas Trees. This tree is extremely popular in America and Canada and becoming more so here.

• Good Needle Holding
• Attractive scent

Caring for your Christmas Tree

Simple steps to keep your tree as fresh and prolong its needle holding ability:

1) As soon as you arrive home, cut 2cm from the base of the trunk and place in water like a cut flower.

2) Store outside in a damp, shady place in a bucket of water if possible, until ready to put the tree in the house.

3) To display your tree in your home, place in a water holding tree stand, preferably away from radiators or direct heat and water daily.